County and city apply for the HOME grant

From staff reports


The Winston County Board of Supervisors moved forward in the effort to begin reconstruction of dilapidated houses in the community during a special public hearing Thursday, January 23.

Housing Specialist Patsy Patterson of the Golden Triangle Planning and Developing District, presented board members and members of the public the next steps in the three-grant agreement by the Mississippi Development Authority for the Home Investment Partnership Program, also known as the HOME program.

Patterson explained the program could provide a new home to persons in the county if the county qualified and met all the standards for the grant. patterson noted that awarding of the grant was up to MDA and the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

About 15 persons attended the county’s public hearing.

The City of Louisville leaders have also applied for th grant and are seeking applicants that may qualify for the grant.

The Mississippi Development Authority has received funding from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to expand the supply of decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing. Under this HOME program, the State has set aside approximately $4 million dollars for Homeowner Rehabilitation/Reconstruction.

These funds are made available to local units of government throughout the State on a competitive application basis.

The City of Louisville and Winston County have both applied for these grant funds, provided eligible households can be identified for the grant.

To qualify as an applicant, the homeowner must have clear title to their house and property and be able to provide a clear deed, in their name for at least one year. The house must be severely deteriorated to the point that it cannot be rehabilitated. The homeowner must be living in the house as their principle residence and provide 12-months consecutive utility bills. The homeowner must also be low income as defined by HUD. Mobile Homes are eligible, but must be replaced with another mobile home. The mobile home owners must provide a bill of sale and either a deed for their property or a long-term lease (at least 20 years).

City residents may get applications for this program at the City Hall. County residents may contact the Chancery Clerk of Winston County, Julie Cunningham. The deadline for submitting these applications to the City is February 6.