County budget hearing planned

From staff and press reports

The Winston County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing for fiscal year 2012-2013 on September 4, at 9 am in Winston County Courthouse.

The supervisors reviewed portions of the budget in their August 20 meeting and set the hearing for Sept. 4.

At the next regular meeting on Sept. 4, the proposed 2012-2013 budget will be considered. Winston County is now operating with projected total budget revenue of $12,404,119.00.

Twenty-three percent, or $2,870,935.00, of such revenue is obtained through Ad Valorem taxes. For the next fiscal year, the proposed budget has a total projected revenue of $11,563,492.00. Of that amount, 34.4 percent, or $3,976,290.00 is proposed to be financed through Ad Valorem tax levy.

With the proposed budget the supervisors plan to have no increase in millage.

All citizens of Winston County are invited to attend this public.

In other matters, the supervisors: • Discussed delinquent tax sale after a person paid another person’s taxes believing that if a person paid someone’s else taxes for three years that they would own the property. Chancery Clerk Julie Cunningham noted that the process was to purchase the delinquent taxes at the tax sale for three years and in this case the person only paid someone else’s taxes for three years. • Opened bids for roof repair on the Teters building. Only one bid was received for $47,5000. The bid was taken under advisement since only one bid was received and wanted to verify that solicitation bids could be taken with just one bid. • Approved Dean Park Sixteen Section lease for almost $1100 a year with the school district. Also approved another residential lease. Board president Michael Peterson recused himself from voting on any further Sixteen Section leases since he does have some sixteen Section leases. • Approved $15,000 payment for yearly audit. • Discussed West Nile Virus alert. See articles inside today’s edition. • Approved District 4 supervisor Gloria Turnipseed to advertise to purchase a new truck. • Accepted bids for Yellow Creek Bridge Repair. • Discussed funding of future state aid projects. • Requested that inventory deletions and transfers have full explanation with the item on why being deleted.