County looking to stop sign vandals

From press and staff reportsĀ 

The signs are everywhere that some county residents appear unconcerned about their fellow citizens’ safety.

That was apparent March 17 when District 4 Supervisor Gloria Turnipseed asked Sheriff Jason Pugh to find the person or persons who had vandalized signs in her district.

stopSeveral signs in the district had been painted over and others knocked down.

Such vandalism happens often enough, Turnipseed said, with about a half-dozen signs falling victim to vandals each month.

Replacing a set of signs, can be costly when counting crew time, fuels costs and pole replacement, if necessary.

More important than the expense, however, is the safety factor. Missing and illegible signs could literally cost someone their life after a farm accident or during a medical emergency and ambulance drivers can not see road signs.

“It’s a big safety issue,” said Sheriff Pugh.

Anyone with information relating to this vandalism, may contact Winston County CrimeStoppers which is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. Contact CrimeStoppers at 662-773-9999 or the Winston County Sheriff’s Office at 662-773-5881.