Crimestoppers aiming to cut crime with community help

From staff reports


Tom Bush who is helping head up the Winston County Crimestoppers recently spoke to the Louisville Rotary Club about the process of the program and goals of the group.

According to Bush, the Winston County Crimestoppers program hopes to help law enforcement agencies solve more crimes. Their mission is to solve and prevent serious crime in partnership with citizens, media and the criminal justice system. CrimeStoppers uses an assessment fee on every ticket to fund the program and the rewards for tips on cases. The program is of no cost to the city or county.

Bush explained that the city and county prior to establishing its own crimestoppers were part of the Golden Triangle CrimeStoppers but received limited help from the program so a local chapter was formed.

The Crimestoppers program provides a method of involving citizens in helping solving crimes by sharing their knowledge relating to a specific crime. The program encourages, either through civic or monetary reasons, to come forward to police and relay that information. The program also allows participants to remain totally and completely anonymous if they desire. The organization aims to provide a safe forum for citizens to report crime in their neighborhoods without the fear of retaliation.

“The number appears to be local but it is answered out of state to protect the person’s identity,” said Bush.

When a tip is called in, the person will be given a tip number. The tip number can be used at a later date by calling the tip line and supplying the operator with the number. The operator will then tell if the tip led to an arrest.

Amount of rewards are paid based on guidelines from the state and decision of an 8 member volunteer board.

Bush encouraged citizens to help make their community safer by reporting crimes to the tip line or to the sheriff’s office.

If you have any information regarding crimes, contact Winston County Crimestoppers at 662-773-9999. You can also visit their website at

Crimestoppers offer rewards up to $1000 for information on crimes in Louisville, Noxapater and across Winston County.

The Louisville Rotary Club meets each Wednesday at noon in Lake Tiak OKhata dining area.