Criteria for Superintendent search gathered from community, teachers, and administrators

From staff reports

In three separate meetings, teachers, school administrators and
parents gathered Monday, March 25 to give input on the selection
process of a new superintendent.

About 50 community members gathered at the 6 p.m. citizens meeting to
voice their hopes for a new superintendent.

Dr. Harold Fisher of the Mississippi School Board Association
outlined the process for the selecting the next superintendent who
will replace Dr. William Wade who is retiring from the position.

Fisher explained that the criteria provided by the teachers,
administrators and community would be taken to the Louisville
Municipal School Board for review where the board would then provide
criteria for the new superintendent and the MSBA would then begin the

Fisher added that once the search began the MSBA would carefully
review and rate each application. The MSBA officials would then
interview each applicant and provide all pertinent information to the
school board for their review and selection.
Fisher noted that the school board by hiring a neutral party such as
MSBA to conduct the search process and bring ratings of each
candidate to the board help eliminate some of the politics from the
selection process.

After Fisher’s comments, community members expressed what they were
seeking in the next superintendent.

Janice Hopkins reviewed a long list of characteristics she hoped the
next superintendent would possess.

“Should have high expectations for teachers and students,” said Hopkins.

Ed Truex added, “Should have an open door policy.”

The community members also listed someone who has strong leadership
abilities and can get along with teachers, administrators and the
community. Others added a superintendent who has a documented track
record of raising achievement levels and have excellent written,
verbal and interpersonal skills. Those voicing criteria noted that
the new superintendent should also be highly involved in the community.

After several members of the crowd provided their list of needs,
Fisher requested that any interested persons fill out a survey and
send to MSBA for further input and review.

Fisher reiterated that he would provide the information on the
community’s criteria along with the teachers and administrators to
the Trustees for full review. He added that once the Trustees
approved the search criteria of usually about 15 items that the
posting and search for the position would begin.