Custom Air preparing to fly high under new owners

From staff reports

From the time Custom Air LLC landed in Winston County 10 years ago, its set a standard dependable and quality service and the new owners, Mike and David Forster aim to keep it flying high.

The company uses four helicopters and several 18-wheelers for herbicide application, prescribed burns, chemical transport, GPS applications, and other aerial and trucking jobs.

“We are about 80 percent forestry work and 20 percent corn and wheat,” said Mike Forster. He added that the company has jobs from Mississippi to Iowa and Texas to North Carolina.

Using aerial planning, the company works directly with landowners and herbicide companies to help growers get the best possible yields whether from trees or row crops.

Custom Air LLC staff and owners

Custom Air LLC staff and owners

The company staff and owners also are working to use the helicopters and transport trucks in other manners and opening new work areas from aerial mapping, aerial GIS data recording, and other avenues.

“We are hoping to expand into more non forestry and develop a more diversity clientele especially during early spring as we become focused on forestry work during the summer,” said Mike Forster.

He added that the company also aimed to add more aquatic work along with corn and wheat in the Midwest.

“We hope to add to our primary focus based on existing customers needs and other market options,” said Mike Forster.

The Forsters purchased the company in February of 2014 and new general manager Cody Ming has been heading up the day-to-day operations since the purchase.

“Cody (Ming) is very excited about the business and learning how to grow the operation into other venues while continuing to build our reputation as a reliable and quality oriented company,” said Mike Forster.

Mike Forster added that the company staff will go where needed and work the areas throughout the country but also hoped that the Mississippi Ag industry would further embrace the proper use of aerial herbicide and other spraying methods to improve crop production.

“Our services can improve crop productions—making it a valuable investment,” said Mike Forster.