Day dawns at WMC nursing home

From press reports

Going out to eat with a group of friends is one of life’s most
enjoyed pass times. Nothing beats good food coupled with good
conversation in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Realizing that the
residents at Winston Medical Center Nursing Home might enjoy the
opportunity to dine together at some of Louisville restaurants,
Marketing Director Brandi Krajewski began to make calls to local
resturant owners and managers seeking opportunities for residents at
Winston Medical Center.

Frieda Bassett, Activity Director and Tanya Whittle, Activity
Assistant took residents Monday, March 18th to McDonalds for lunch.
“The residents enjoyed a different atmosphere and just getting out of
the nursing home to enjoy a afternoon of fun.”
“People notice when we pull up in the facility’s van and come
inside,” Bassett said. “I always tell them why we’re there and how
the owner/manager is helping to make a difference in the residents’
lives.” “I’m just so grateful to these great local businesses for
giving the residents this opportunity,” said Bassett. “It’s just
amazing what you can do when everyone pitches in to help out.”

“We are very lucky to live in a community where our local
businesses want to give back to our residents. Resturants have
offerred discounts to our residents to make it affordable for them to
enjoy going out to eat. There have been some resturants who offerred
to donate items to the residents,” said Krajewski.

The Dine-Out-A-Day Program will be held monthly and residents will
be rotated to allow everyone who wishes to participate an opportunity
to go. Local Resturants Sonic Drive In, McDonald’s, Luigi’s,
Hardee’s, and Wood’s Grocery. Any resturant who wishes to become
involved can contact Freida Bassett at 662-779-5121.

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