Devastation arrvied at many persons’ front doors in our county

Hanna McCain

The devastation is real here in Winston County. As I walked through just minutes after the tornadoes ripped apart my Winston County Monday afternoon, my heart was deeply saddened.
My mind immediately went to the individuals who had lost loved ones, homes, and pets and then my mind went into reporter mode.
Joseph and I were both on hand with cameras and trying to find out as much information as we could. As of right now Red Cross is requesting bottled water, Gatorade, and individually packaged snacks. They will not accept any used clothing.
My Winston County lost over 200 homes to these two known tornadoes. My Winston County lost 7 with possible of her citizens Monday afternoon. There may be more dead, but only 7 confirmed at this time.
Right now my Winston County needs to be your Winston County. We need able bodies and minds to assist in the clean up process. We need counselors, pastors, physicians, and nurses to help with those who have lost loved ones and those that need medical attention.
All those countless articles that I wrote about being the Jesus to someone, if you are wondering, this is one of the many situations that I was referring. This is the time to reach out to family, friends, and members of the community. Volunteer your time to help rebuild your Winston County.
The Winston County Journal has boxes to pack items in as well as old newspapers to wrap breakables. These items can be picked up at the Winston County Journal office. Also, those individuals who would like to see photographs of the storm damage can come by our office Wednesday morning and pick up a free copy of the Winston County Journal.
The Winston County Journal is and will be assisting the county in trying to relay pertinent information to the citizens of Winston County on how they can help with the recovery process.

Editor’s note: Hanna McCain is an advertising consultant for The Winston County Journal, Webster Progress Times and Choctaw Plaindealer.