Dinosaur fun

Dinosaur Palooza Day in Mrs. Chappell’s Kindergarten Class @ Fair Elementary!
Parents, Grandparents, and other family members joined in center activities to wrap up our Dinosaur Unit.

Center #1: They were paleontologists and dug for fossils using a cookie and toothpick. They wrote about what they found and what they discovered about having to dig up dinosaur bones.


Center #2: They read a dinosaur book with their child and completed a story element map.

dinowithparents2014 048

Center #3: They measured the foot of a dinosaur with various objects-paper clip, ruler, and unifix cubes. They also measured the stride of a dinosaur (16 feet) with a ruler and then laid down to see how many adult and children bodies it took to measure the length of the stride.

dinowithparents2014 003

(Center) Students in Mrs. Chappell’s class also had a home project to create a dinosaur with their parent. Everyone who participated did so GREAT!! Winners: 1st place Thomas and Taylor Wade, 2nd Haleigh Triplett, and 3rd place Kenley Yates and Jamiya Johnson