District Reading fair winners chosen

The 2013/2014 District Reading Fair from Louisville Municipal School District was held on Friday, November 22 at Eiland Middle School. The first place winners will move onto regionals to beheld in Jackson on March 7.

Grades kindergarten through 12th were judged on fiction and nonfiction books.

Division A in kindergarten for 1st place was Ryder Woodruff from Nanih Waiya for David Gets in Trouble.

Division B in 1st grade for 1st place was Kaylee Barnhill from Nanih Waiya with Road Hog.  2nd place was Reed Yates from Fair with Metal Man.  3rd place was Kyndall Byrd from Noxapater with Pete the Cat.

Division C in 2nd grade for 1st place was Tanyan Woodson from Noxapater with The Magic Tree House.  2nd place was Tyler Tucker from Fair with Charolette’s Web.  3rd place was Colton Barrett from Nanih Waiya with Super Fly Guy.

Division D in 3rd grade for 1st place was Chase Fairley from LES with Dirt Boy.  2nd place was Kelli Thomas from Noxapater with Pinkalicious.  3rd place was Jadyn Green from Nanih Waiya with Goosebumps.

Division E in grades 4th through 5th for 1st place was Kara Barnhill from Nanih Waiya with the Wizard of Oz. 2nd place was Zagarren Wraggs from LES with Mad Treasure Hunt.  3rd place was Kaitlyn Sanborn from Noxapater with Dear Dumb Diary.

Division F in grades 6th through 8th for 1st place was Mary Grace Mills from Noxapater with The Land of Stories The Wishing Well.  2nd place was Joseph Barnhill from Nanih Waiya with Seven Sorceres. 3rd place was Roper Stoots from Eiland with Hank the Cowdog Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Division G with grades 9th through 12th in 1st place Emily Mills from Noxapater with The Fall of the House of Usher.  2nd place was Dawson Mitchell from LHS with Race at Morning.

Division H with grades 3rd through 5th in 1st place Regan Hudson from LES with Touch the Sky. 2nd place was Gracin Bridges from Noxapater with Lady Bugs.

Division I in grades 6th through 8th in 1st place was Charles Lampley from Eiland with Frederick Douglas: Rising Up from Slavery.

Division J in grades 9th through 12th in 1st place was Jasmire Pledge from LHS with A Lynching in the Hearland.

Division K with grades PreK through 2nd grade in 1st place was Braxton Flake and Claire Flake from Noxapater with The Napping House. 2nd place was Emily Eaves from Nanih Waiya with The Flower Fairy. 3rd place was Zo’Ryah Hunt from Fair with Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Division L with grades 3rd through 5th in 1st place was Ashton Kincaid from LES and Braylon Kincaid from Fair with Arthur Turns Green. 2nd place was James and Seth Kugle from Noxapater with The Cat in the Hat.  3rd place was Jaylee Stokes and Kade Hollingsworth from Nanih Waiya with Fly Guy vs. the Fly Swatter.

Division M in grades 6th through 8th in 1st place was Jaclyn Presley and Marlee Eubanks with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 2nd place was Morgan Duran and Jenna Wilkes with Tales from a Not so Happy Heartbreaker.

Division N in grades 9th through 12th in 1st place was Samantha Wilson and Zoria Nicholson from LHS with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

The Mississippi Reading Fair originated at the Mississippi Department of Education in 1998. The purpose of the competition was to provide students in grades K-12 the opportunity to share their favorite fictional book through a storyboard display. The implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) places an emphasis on students reading complex texts at grade level.

CCSS also places value on reading non-fiction texts, which increases student understanding of informational texts. The goal of the reading fair is to enhance and encourage reading at all grade levels and to allow students to collaborate with their peers.