Doors of Hope Center, food program, relocates

By Elmetra Patterson

The Doors of Hope Center has been a beacon of hope for over 700
residents of Louisville who have received food for their nearly bare
cupboard. This vital agency was forced to move March 31, 2013 for
lack of finances to pay the rent.

Rev. Lorene Guyse, the founder and administrator of Doors of Hope has
moved the agency into The Holy Ghost Temple Church, 128 Hill Street,
Louisville, MS, that her deceased husband, Rev. Charles L. Guyse

With his death on November 17, 2012, she was unable to keep the
agency opened. According to Rev. Lorene Guyes, the church is not a
good location neither is it appropriate for the food program. There
is a need for rewiring to accommodate the refrigerators and freezers
needed to store food. However, Rev. Guyse will open the Doors of
Hope food program at the church in May until she can find an
affordable building to move the agency into. She has pleaded with the
city and county officials to assist her in locating a new building.
She feels hopeful that she will be assisted because of the need this
community has for Doors of Hope. Rev. Guyse is also asking that
individuals, businesses and churches help the agency financially by
sending donations to: Doors of Hope, P. O. Box 166 , Louisville, MS.
Doors of Hope is a 501 (c) (3) which means that your donations are
tax deductible.

In May, 2005, Rev. Lorene opened the Doors of Hope Center in
Louisville, MS under the umbrella of Love & Peace Ministries. The
Winston County Branch NAACP presented the Fannie Lou Hammer Award to
Rev. Lorene Guyse in 2007 at the 27th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet for
the work she has done in Winston County through the Love & Peace
Ministry. There are currently three branches of the Love & Peace
Ministry. They are located in Chicago, Illinois, Bienville Parish in
Arcadia, Louisiana, and Louisville, Mississippi.

After the move, Rev. Guyse stated, “I would like to thank all of the
volunteers that have been very faithful to the center – especially –
Gwendolyn and Shirley Eichelberger, Jr., Maurice Eiland, Helen
Harrington, Vera Jernigan, Katie Jones, Sharon Mays, Elder Richard
and Sandra Moncrief, Tina Pattie, Shirley Paty and Lawrence Rayford.”

Love and Hope Ministries Founder
celebrates 75th Birthday
By Elmetra Patterson
The founder and administrator of Love and Hope Ministries & Doors of
Hope Center, Pastor Lorene Guyse, celebrated her 75th Birthday at
Holy Ghost Temple Church of which she is the pastor since her
husband’s death November 2012. There was a gathering of her friends
from Louisville, guests from Waukegan, IL, Tuscaloosa, AL, and
volunteers, Sunday, April 7, 2013. The celebration consisted of a
good sermon, good food, good drinks and good fellowship.

The guest speaker was Rev. Barbara Hodo-Bailey of Waukegan, IL. Rev.
Hodo-Bailey was born and received her secondary education in Earle,
and Hot Springs, AR. She received a BS in Psychology from the
Chicago State University and did further studies at the Moody Bible
Institute. She also completed studies at the American Medical
Technology Academy, Chicago, IL. Rev. Hodo-Bailey was employed at
St. Francis Hospital, Blue Island, IL for over 17 years. She became a
born again women of God in 1956 at Greater Galilee M. B. Church in
Chicago, IL under the leadership of the late Rev. J. D. Strong.

She has received numerous awards for her ministerial leadership,
including being nominated 2003 Woman of the Year, American
Biographical Institute.

She is the Vice President of Midwest Region, World Council of
Christian Women Ministers, Inc. Presently, she serves as teacher of
the Women’s Ministry and is also a member of the Outreach/Mission
Ministry at: Gideon Missionary Baptist Church, 1500 Ridgeland Avenue,
Waukegan, IL 60085, Dr. Wade A. Stevenson, pastor. Her sermon was
very inspirational as she preached from 2nd King 4:1-7, titled
“What’s in your House?” Rev. Hodo-Bailey and Pastor Lorene Guyse
have been friends for many years and have been on a spiritual journey
together throughout Illinois.

Pastor Lorene Guyse invites the public to visit the Holy Ghost Temple
for worship service on Sundays at 9 a.m. at 128 Hill Street,
Louisville, MS.