Dreaming of bikini weather and the summer desserts that go with it

With all of this cold weather my mind has been longing for warmer weather. I am not a cold weather loving kind of gal. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons and I think that this is because the weather allows me to enjoy the outdoors more so than in winter.

When I was a child swimming was one of my favorite activities in the summer. I was very blessed to have kind neighbors that allowed my sisters and I to swim at their swimming pool whenever our hearts desired.

When I visited Grandma and Granddaddy Hanna, Grandma Hanna would take me swimming at my Great Aunt Hildegard’s swimming pool. Aunt Hildegard may not have had a slide at her pool, but she had a diving board. She and Grandma Hanna tried their best to teach me how to dive and eventually I learned.

Grandma Hanna and Aunt Hildegard always swam with me, not for safety purposes, but for the shear enjoyment.

I fondly remember sporting my new bikini around the pool. I was so proud of that little swimsuit probably because my cool older sister, Penny, had purchased it for me in Hawaii. I really thought I was something and Grandma Hanna did too.

We would swim all afternoon and then go back to Grandma Hanna’s house for a snack. Egg pie, sweet potato pie, chocolate éclair, or even cornflake cookies were always on hand to feed my hungry little belly. Because let’s face it, swimming makes children and even adults extremely hungry!

Granddaddy Hanna would be coming in for a snack too. I can still remember the time he tried to pour his glass of ice-cold water on me. He thought it would be really funny and I have to admit, I laugh uncontrollably when I think about it, but Grandma Hanna threw a fit. Granddaddy Hanna and I cleaned up the mess, but he was still laughing about it even though she was angry.

We made so many happy memories.

I sincerely hope that these somewhat silly, but endearing childhood stories of mine ignite something in my readers that enables them to fondly recall their childhood. By looking back on the memories that my grandparents and I shared, I have learned so much about myself.

My Grandma Hanna was a hard-working woman, who always let you know what she was thinking. She loved her family and most importantly God.

My Granddaddy Hanna was also a hard-working man, who always found the positive note in any circumstance. The night Grandma Hanna died he asked me why I was crying. I told him that I was really going to miss Grandma Hanna. He simply stated that we all have to go sometime.

There is truth in that statement. We all have to go sometime. Have you loved deeply and made as many memories as you can? Have you told that someone just exactly how you feel? The time is now to learn how to “dive off the diving board” of life and express yourself by letting your loved ones know just how much you love them.

Hopefully readers will be able to enjoy stories like this, not only in the newspaper, but in a cookbook compiling my Grandma Hanna’s sweetest recipes and a few sweet stories.

Editor’s note: Hanna McCain is an advertising consultant with the Winston County Journal, Choctaw Plaindealer and Webster Progress Times.