DREAMS program aims to create better students

Students participating in the Dillard’s Reading, Enrichment, Arts, Mathematics, and Science (DREAMS) After-school and Summer Program have the opportunity to engage in a number of activities designed to help them increase their academic knowledge.

Our interventionists and teachers work with students in small groups daily to provide them with tutoring and enrichment in language arts and mathematics. During the day, students complete reading exercises to aid in their vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency development. After school, students participate in mathematics tutoring and reading enrichment. Students also create art projects, participate in PE, and receive character education instruction and homework assistance.

Students attending the DREAMS program will have the opportunity to participate in The Good News Club during the after-school program.

The Good News Club is an exciting, fun-filled program that meets once a week. Through this program, students will learn about respect for authority, moral values, and other valuable lessons.

Participation in the program is voluntary. For additional information about the DREAMS program, please contact the DREAMS office at (662) 773-2015.