DREAMS program uses data to help students achieve

Students participating in the Dillard’s Reading, Enrichment, Arts, Mathematics, and Science (DREAMS) After-school program receive instruction based on data gathered about each student.

Rebecca Robichaux of Mississippi State University works with several Louisville Municipal School District teachers to assess the correct level for each student in the program.

Robichaux working with Chappell and Faver.

Robichaux working with Chappell and Faver.

The teachers like Ashley Chappell and Jenna Faver track the students’ skill levels so that they may target specific skills in the program. The program is working with students.

Also as part of the program MSU staff also help the 17 teachers at the schools to receive professional development instruction each Thursday. The instruction looks at helping make learning fun for the students.

Recently, Angela Mulkany of MSU worked with the teachers on games that also produce learning numbers and other skills.

Mulkany works with 9 teachers for hands on learning activities for the students.

Mulkany works with 9 teachers for hands on learning activities for the students.

“It makes learning fun and the students do not realize all the skills they are learning,” said Brittany Lewis, one of the teachers in the professional development class.

Shane Davis one of the program’s overseers noted that since the professional development class involved the teachers that they would have an easier time implementing the ideas.

The DREAMS program aims to provide over 200 students in the district homework assistance, reading and mathematics instruction and enrichment, physical education, and character education. Students who are participating in the DREAMS program during the regular school day are eligible to attend the after-school program.

DREAMS will operate Monday through Friday at Fair and Louisville Elementary Schools and Nanih Waiya and Noxapater Attendance Centers. For more information on the DREAMS after-school program, please call 662-773-2015 or 662-773-2035.