ECCC Career-Technical programs offer educational options

From press and staff reports

Attending college doesn’t mean one has to commit time and money to a four-year degree plan. It can mean that, and does for many students, but for an increasing number of college prospects, a technical degree or immediate career skills are the ticket to a great future. East Central Community College has more than 700 students enrolled in such programs, which are being featured as part of Career-Technical Education Month recognized each February. “Career-Technical programs at ECCC give students the technical training, as well as the hands-on experience, that will make them successful in their chosen field of study,? said Wayne Eason, Director of Workforce Education. ?Once finished with the degree, many programs are also offering students the option to take National Skills Certification and other certifying tests that will make them valuable to future employers.” The College offers technical programs in Automotive Technology, Computer Programming Technology, Computer Networking Technology, Microcomputer Technology, Office Systems Technology, Healthcare Data Technology, Hotel and Restaurant Management Technology, Culinary Arts Technology, Drafting and Design Technology, Architectural Engineering Technology, Land Surveying Technology, Electrical Technology, Heating and Air Conditioning Technology, Collision Repair Technology, Precision Machining Technology, and Early Childhood Education Technology. Career programs include Cosmetology, Carpentry and Cabinetmaking, and Welding. Technical programs at ECCC are designed to prepare students for employment upon completion of the curriculum. Students who complete a two-year program are then eligible to receive the Associate of Applied Science Degree. Those completing a one-year option will receive a certificate. Career programs are designed to teach students a trade and a certificate is issued upon satisfactory completion of the programs. These programs meet six hours a day, five days a week, unless otherwise specified in the college catalog or schedule. Each program includes classroom instruction and hands-on experience. Highlighted below are five specific programs, which will give students an idea of the course offerings available on the Decatur campus. Computer Networking Technology is a two-year program, which offers training in telecommunications, network administration and client/ server systems. In addition to various elective and core courses, students will receive instruction in courses such as Data Communications, Web and Programming Concepts, Network Components, Visual Basic Programming, Concepts of Database Design, Network Planning and Design, Network Administration Using Linux and Network Implementation. Students who complete coursework in Computer Programming will be prepared for employment as a computer programmer and/or computer operator, web developer or network administrator. Instruction is provided in several different programming languages including Visual BASIC, RPG, COBAL, SQL, Java, Script, Advanced Visual Basic, Database, Advanced PRG, Advanced COBOL, C, and XML. Hands-on experience is included on microcomputers as well as an online business computer system. This is a two-year Associate Degree program. Precision Manufacturing and Machining prepares individuals to manufacture metal parts on machines such as lathes, grinders, drill presses, milling machines and computer numerical control equipment. Instruction includes making computations related to work dimensions, testing, feeds and speeds of machines; using precision measuring instruments such as layout tools, micrometers and gauges; machining and heat-treating various metals; and laying out machine parts. Also included is instruction in the operation and maintenance of computerized equipment. Students may choose between a two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree or the one- or two-year certificate program. Heating and Air Conditioning Technology prepares individuals to work in engineering departments or private firms installing, maintaining and operating small or medium air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems. Instruction prepares individuals to work in a commercial setting performing special task relating to designing ductwork, assembly, installation, servicing, operation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. This is a two-year Associate Degree program. Students who successfully complete the Collision Repair Technology program will be prepared for beginning positions as body, frame and refinish technicians. Instruction includes all phases of Collision Repair, including glass replacement, welding, replacement of hardware and trim items, cosmetic and structural repairs. Students may choose between a two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree or the one- or two-year certificate program. For more information on these other other career-technical courses, contact Eason at 601-635-6211 or toll free at 1-877-462-3222. The e- mail is Students may also find information on the College’s Web site at