Editorial Roundup

Gorsuch is fine nominee

When Donald Trump was running for president, many of those who uncomfortably voted for him said they did so largely because of the opening on the U.S. Supreme Court.

They took Trump at his word — not always the wisest course — that he would appoint a conservative, strict constructionist judge in the mode of Antonin Scalia, whose death in created the vacancy.

Trump followed through as promised, though, by nominating Neal Gorsuch.

It is certain that Senate Democrats and liberal special-interest groups will try to derail this nomination.

What they can’t honestly do, though, is oppose Gorsuch on his qualifications. He’s obviously highly intelligent, with a bachelor’s degree from one Ivy League school, Columbia, and a law degree from another, Harvard, where he was coincidentally a classmate of Obama’s. He also has a degree from Oxford University, one of England’s premier institutions of higher education.

Gorsuch clerked for two different Supreme Court justices, one a Democratic appointee, the other a Republican one. If Gorsuch will look at issues before the court with a determination to apply the Constitution and federal laws as they are written, he is exactly the type of jurist the Supreme Court needs.

Tim Kalich

Editor and Publisher

Greenwood Commonwealth