Effective instruction class off to a great start

From press reports

The Effective Instruction class being taught as part of the Professional Development Partnership between the Louisville Municipal School District and the College of Education at Mississippi State University (MSU) is off a great start.

Dr. Devon Brenner, department head for Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education (CISE) in the College of Education, says, “The CISE department is excited about this collaboration with teachers in Louisville and the surrounding districts.

The course will offer concrete strategies for improving instruction and will focus on the Common Core State Standards.” The collaboration between MSU and the Louisville Municipal School District benefits teachers in and around Louisville, their students, the MSU undergraduates learning to teach, and the children in their future classrooms.

Dr. Dana Franz, instructor for the class, states that the class allows teachers to explore various instructional theories and practices and gives them the tools needed to provide the best possible instruction to their students. Teachers in the district who are enrolled in the class are excited to have the opportunity to expand their own professional knowledge through this class locally.

Mrs. Cylesha Hopkins states, “This class provides me with an in depth knowledge behind the theory and practice of effective instruction. It offers strategies that will be applicable in my daily teaching practices that will enhance my success as a teacher.” Gina Smith, another teacher enrolled in the class, says, “Having this class offered in Louisville has allowed me to better utilize my time while working on my degree. I enjoy the small group atmosphere and the wealth of practical information that I am receiving from this class.” Mrs. Smith also says she is looking forward to incorporating these instructional methods into the classroom environment.

Dr. Brenner says the collaboration with Louisville Municipal School District will have multiple benefits. She adds, “Teachers in K-12 classrooms provide sites for student teaching and field experiences for preservice teachers in the undergraduate program. By working together, we make a positive difference not just for students in the classroom, but for the undergraduates learning how to teach.” According to Dr. Brenner, the more that preservice teachers observe and learn from the amazing local teachers who are implementing the latest research-based high-impact teaching practices, the better teachers they will become. The College of Education looks forward to a successful and continuing partnership in Louisville.