Election receives strong turnout in Winston County

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

With all the county level races uncontested, voter turnout still reached over 73 percent.

Of the 13,472 registered voters in the county, 9875 voted or 73.3 percent of the registered voters.

All 5 of the county election commissioners ran unopposed. Shawn Butts for District 1, Dell Gillett for District 2, Dean Miller for District 3, Mattie Cooper for District 4 and Mary Reed for District 5 will all retain their election commissioner’s posts. Butts was appointed as District 1 election commissioner in October to fill a vacancy. All will now serve a 4 year term.

In the major ballot races, Democratic President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden won re-election but Republican nominee Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan carried Winston County with 5,147 votes (52.72 percent). The Obama/Biden ticket received 4,557 (46.68 percent) of the county’s votes.

Republican U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, who was re-elected, carried the county with 5,216 votes (53.91 percent). Democratic challenger Albert N. Gore Jr. of Starkville received 4306 (44.51 percent) votes in the county.

Republican U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee was re-elected as 1st District congressman and carried the county with 5043 votes (53.30 percent). His Democratic opponent was Oxford attorney Brad Morris, who received 4,216 (44.56 percent votes in Webster.

In the non-partisan District 3 (Northern) Mississippi Supreme Court justice race between Josiah Coleman of Toccopola and Richard “Flip” Phillips of Batesville, Coleman won the election outright and carried Winston County with 5593 votes (64.44 percent). Phillips received 3066 (35.33 percent) votes locally.

Coleman will succeed Justice George Carlson of Batesville, who didn’t seek re-election.