EMCC holds awards day at Scooba campus

SCOOBA– East Mississippi Community College recognized outstanding
students April 24 during its annual Scooba campus Awards Day program.
Award winners were chosen by instructors as exemplary students.
Scooba campus counselor Jenny Box, who coordinated the Scooba campus
Awards Day ceremony, said many of the students recognized will become
familiar names in their respective communities in years to come.
“These students represent the best in their programs at EMCC. One day
they’ll be the best in their field. And as many of our instructors
pointed out today, these students are the doctors, the welders, the
forestry experts, the optometrists of tomorrow. These students will
do jobs that impact people on a regular basis, if not a daily basis.
And we’re proud they chose to begin their careers at EMCC,” said Box.
Here’s a look at the award recipients, their home towns and the areas
for which they were recognized:

Benjamin Adams (Carthage) – English Composition II, Forestry
Will Allen (Hattiesburg) – Chemistry II
Brandon Bell (Caledonia) – Western Civilization I
Kristen Blanks (Meridian) – Music Theatre Workshop
Mariah Bohl (Meridian) – General Biology II, British Literature I
Christopher Broom (Columbia) – William Winter Scholar
Dominique Brown (Scooba) – Design
Toni Brown (Macon) – Principles of Biology II
Deanna Burt (Philadelphia) – Western Civilization II, Reflection Singers
Kimberly Caine (Columbus) – Pep Band
Quinderek Carpenter (DeKalb) – Computer Science
Addison Cherry (Louisville) – Freshman Ophthalmic
Jennifer Dott (West Point) – Creative Writing I
Roxanne Douglas (Maben) – British Literature II
Jashemia Dubose(Porterville) – Microbiology
Sarah Dudley (Scooba) – General Biology I, Softball Scholar Athlete
Smokey Ethridge(Collinsville) – Statistics, Physics, Baseball Scholar
Steven Eubanks (Porterville) – Drawing
Earnest Fowler(Macon) – Job Search Skills
Eric Gambrell (Meridian) – Choir
Justine Gifford (Philadelphia) – Concert Band
Terrance Hemphill (Meridian) – Painting
Jontrell Hill (Meridian) – Rock Band
Reginald Horn (Toomsuba) – Basic Electrical Lineman
Laura Hull (DeKalb) – Chemistry I
Earnest Hunter (Macon) – Men’s Basketball Scholar Athlete
Rebecca Hyde (Columbus) – Jazz Band
Morgan Jones(Morton) – American History I
Wiley Maddox (Bruce) – Football Scholar Athlete
Brianna May (Pelahatchie) – Educational Psychology, Women’s
Basketball Scholar Athlete
Dennis Parker (Daleville) – Marching Band
Leslie Pevey (DeKalb) – American Literature II, Rodeo Scholar Athlete
Amie Pinter (Union) – Anatomy & Physiology II, Honors English
Composition II, College Algebra
Jarvis Pulliam (New Houlka) – English Composition I
Morgan Rhodes (Brandon) – Trigonometry
Jamie Sciple (DeKalb) – Ceramics, Syzygy Ceramic Winner
Joseph Simmons (McCool) – Principles of Biology I
Alexandra Smith (Toomsuba) – American Literature I
Tyler Stanley (Meridian) – HEADWAE Student
Kyle Summerall (West Point) – Creative Writing II
Kaitlyn Warren (Louisville) – Sophomore Ophthalmic
Jagradi Webster (Meridian) – Psychology
Tommy Wilkerson Jr. (Porterville) – Welding
Taylor Winstead (Philadelphia) – Anatomy & Physiology I, Honors
English Composition I, American History II
Hunter Worrell (Louisville) – Cheerleading Scholar Athlete