Extension office offers Firewise for the fall information

Fall has always been my most favorite time of the year, but now we begin the transition from fall to winter. Leaves are beginning to fall at a very fast pace and soon most of our deciduous trees will be defoliated for the winter. With this in mind, here are some ideas and thoughts that will keep your home safe from the threat of wildfires.

Clean all pine needles, twigs, and leaves from your roof, eaves and gutters. Then clean all debris away from the foundation of your home as well.

If you have deck areas, make sure that all vegetation and other accumulated debris has been cleaned out from under and around these areas.

Take time to trim up all branches that has grown over since last season, making sure none are overhanging where they shouldn’t be.

Make sure to rake out all the smaller shrubs and bushes, making sure to clear any ground covers that may have caught trash during windy periods.

Mow up any leftover, unkempt grass areas around your home or other areas.

Double check the house address numbers to make sure they are visible.

If you use firewood as a heat source, please make sure piles are stacked neatly and are placed a safe distance from the house.

Remember, one of the major keys to Firewise and making your home safe is the elimination of fuel sources from your home landscape. The real truth of the matter is that it’s the simple steps that can help avoid disastrous results when a wildfire is knocking at your door.

For information on how to make your home safe from the threat of wildfires, please call me at the Winston County Extension office at 773-3091.