Farmers’ Market to host radio show

Everyone is invited to listen to a LIVE Internet Radio Broadcast from Winston County’s Farmers Market Grand Opening on Thursday June 13, 4-6pm at the Louisville Coliseum 201 Ivy Avenue Louisville, MS.

The group is ready and fired up for this year’s market according to Jean Harper, WCSHC Youth Director.

“We look forward to offering local grown vegetables and fruits to improve our families’ health and add dollars back to the local economy through sales at market. Together, we can make a difference in rural America and change lives. This is your personal invitation to learn more about Winston County’s Farmers Market.”

Anyone may join the conversation on Thursday, June 13, 4:30pm Central Time from this computer link additionally, you can call in questions for Farmers’ Market Staff at 323-580-5735. Join the conversation on Thursday, June 13, 4-6pm to help Save Rural Communities.