Farmer’s Market to kickoff June 19

From press reports

The Winston County Farmer’s Market Committee is proud to announce the opening of the Winston County Farmer’s Market on June 19 with a Kick-Off Jamboree, located at the soccer fields on Ball Drive. Future markets will be at the Louisville Coliseum. The event will help the Winston County Disaster Relief Fund with a local chef competition. There will also be live music, and fun for the kids. You can purchase summer vegetables, fruits, canned and baked goods, and other products supporting local farmers in Winston County and surrounding areas.
The Chef Competition will feature area chefs using fresh market ingredients creating a healthy side dish. Attendees can taste the food the chef’s create and vote which dish they like the best by voting with a dollar. All proceeds gained from votes will go to the Winston County Disaster Relief Fund. Attendees can vote as many times as they would like.
Local residents are welcome to bring their favorite recipes and compete in this challenge. We will encourage all participants in this challenge for recipes so you can re-create what you taste at home.
Live music will be provided by Tom Sellers from Montgomery, AL. A retired Alabama state employee, Mr. Sellers plays keyboards in several Montgomery bands and also likes to play drums for his church. He enjoys playing an eclectic mix of jazz, blues, and classic rock. He is opening up his stage to local musicians for a mid-week jam session. If you would like to participate as a guest chef or play in the band, contact Jen Sellers, the event planner of the Kick-Off Jamboree, at(334) 782-3817.
Did you know when you buy produce from local farmers you are supporting your local economy? Studies have shown that every dollar spent buying local generates twice as much income for the local economy. It also tastes better. Vegetables and fruits are picked at their peak ripeness and travel less miles than the produce sold from national chain supermarkets. The Winston County Farmer’s Market will be open throughout the whole summer on Thursday evenings from 4-6 pm.
The Winston County Farmer’s Market Committee is opening up their market to all farmers and vendors in Winston County and the surrounding areas. If you would like to be a vendor at the Winston County Farmer’s Market, contact Jean Harper at (662) 312-8004. “Please come join us for this event and come help support your local farmers,” stated organizers.