FEMA to host Community Disaster Recovery Planning Program

By Daniel Brunty
The Winston County Journal

FEMA will soon be facilitating a Community Disaster Long-Term Recovery Planning in the Winston County area. This

program’s goal is to provide a recovery document that maps out the rebuilding process based on local needs and wants. The plan also advises where funding may be available.
To achieve the goal of long-term recovery, a series of meetings will be held during which residents identify local issues and needs and develop a community vision. The vision becomes projects that are assigned priorities and included in the recovery document with budget estimates and funding possibilities. The first committee meeting will be held on Tuesday , August 5 at 7 p.m. at the Winston County Courthouse, 2nd Floor.
To explain the program is FEMA Long-Term Recovery Specialist Jim Coleman. “It is an open public meeting, but some local entities have submitted names for membership on the committee,” Coleman said. “The committees are open to motivated people from all walks of life that are interested in participating in the planning process. We are looking for diversity in the committee so we can come up with some great, imaginative ideas.”
Coleman said the program will focus on two main points. “This will be Disaster Recovery Planning and it will also be Strategic Planning to allow the committees to create a vision to plan to down the road,” Coleman said. “It is an open public meeting, but some local entities have submitted names for membership on the committee.”
With the community well into its recovery stage, Coleman hopes this program will allow members of the community to feel empowered, that they are part of the solution. “The process is beginning now, and will go on for a period of months,” Coleman said. “The stakeholder committee meeting will be the first meeting to convene that night, and other committees may convene that night as well. You are invited to attend to help formulate the community’s strategic plan. The plan that is being developed is by the community and for the community. We are only there to facilitate it.”
If you would like to be a part of one of the committees as part of the Community Disaster Long-Term Recovery Planning, be at the Winston County Courthouse, 2nd Floor on August 5 at 7 p.m.