Fifty-Eighth year since graduation for LHS Class of 1959



June 10, 2017, Jean Sanders King welcomed the LHS Class of 1959, sharing her passion for all things Louisville and “our class”! She has taught Danny Wright’s grandson. Bobbie Nell Smith’s grand daughter. And she has taught WITH Pat Wicker McWhirter’s niece. Jean has to “drive through town” every time she “comes home”! Thirty-three class members and their guests joined her this year driving to town from Yazoo City, Starkville, Clarksdale, Oxford, Canton, Braxton, Jackson, Philadelphia, Sturgis, Union, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Baton Rouge and Boyce, Louisiana, along with areas from within Winston County.

Billie Fryery, Bobby McWhirter, Johnny Frank Smith, and guests like John Arthur Eaves, who have served in the military, led the Pledge of Allegiance, placing special emphasis on “under God”.

As Reba McCulllouch Greer called the roll, Patsy McCool Graham and Louise Whitten White lit candles honoring the twenty-two friends who have passed away. In the third decade since graduation, George Starke, George Buckner, Carolyn Peterson, and David Thrasher were taken. Between 1998 and 2008, Sara Childs, Marilyn Upchurch, Shearer Baker, Jack Pearson, Betty Black Hill, Doyle Eaves, Carole Robertson Myers, Don Hall, and Kenneth Bane had passed. Since 2009, the class has lost Marynell Shumaker Perkins, Betty Lou Holder Hudson White, Billy Watson, Jeff Knight, Donald Horton, Thaniel Athony, Edward Prisock, Jeanette Wylie Ryan, Glynnis Green, and less than a week after the reunion, Joe Lloyd. Each year, Ann Rogers Reynolds’ gift of flowers and Mary Carolyn Tranum Mitchell’s votive candles create the memorial setting.

Following Joe Crowson’s blessing, the group enjoyed conversations and the Lake’s special buffet of salad, chicken, fish, ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, mixed vegetables, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and cream pies.

Treasurer Dell Johns Gillette looks forward to receiving the notes which accompany the yearly checks for the buffet and the Winston County Library. She especially enjoys Faye Horton’s adding enough for Dell to “treat herself to an ice cream”. This year’s contribution to date for the Winston County Library is $1,030.00, given in honor of Joe Crowson for his dedication to the Class of 1959. Joe shared the thank you card he received from students in last year’s summer reading program.

Singing the LHS Alma Mater evokes that special bond created in an American high school fifty eight years ago. “Hail to our high school. Hats off to you! Ever you’ll find us loyal and true. Firm and undaunted always we’ll be. All this and more we pledge Louisville High to thee.” Pat McWhirter is never sure why she “gets to” lead us, even though she WAS in the band and sings in her church choir.

Conversations, emails, and really getting to know each other are deepening the Class of ’59’s network, support, and commitment. We rejoiced in Patricia Lovorn Eaves’ healing from a serious automobile accident. Wayne Aycock was a special and welcome surprise that all enjoyed. Gail Hunt Smith passed out inspirations as she talked about how much the class means to her. Edwin Young has demanded basketball be added to next year’s reunion. Ann, Mary Carolyn, Jean, Maxine, and Dell are listening. Watch out Louisville! June 9, 2018, the LHS’ Class of 1959 is coming back to town!