Firefighters responds to structure fire

From press reports

On August 5, the City of Louisville Fire Department responded to a report of a commercial structure fire at Grayson Blu.

Upon arrival Engine 1 had established water supply and began deploying the initial attack line. A crew of 4 personnel entered the structure and began searching the structure.

The LFD personnel requested backup for the fire. Shiloh VFD Engine arrived on scene and was assigned the B Side of the structure for fire support and deployed an attack line to the fire. High Point VFD arrived on scene and provided water supply to Shiloh VFD by a 2.5 inch supply line for fire attack on the B side of the structure.

Search Team found the seat of the fire and reported the location. Interior attack team exited the A Side of the structure and moved to the B side where two roll up doors were opened and an attack on the seat of the fire was conducted.

After extinguishment of the fire crews exited the structure and teams on the D side of the structure began to initiate ventilation of the structure. A crew of 4 from Shiloh VFD entered the A side of the structure to close any open doors to assist in ventilation of the main manufacturing area of the structure.

It was discovered that a Chevrolet 1 ton truck had ignited and was the seat of the fire. A wrecker was requested to assist in removing the vehicle as it was still smoldering and there was an extreme amount of smoke and heat (Excess of 500 degrees) in the structure to be removed. Upon arrival of the wrecker the vehicle was removed by having a crew make entry and connect the tow cable to the vehicle and winch it out. Once the vehicle was out crews completed extinguishment and ventilation of the structure.

One firefighter was transported to Winston Medical Center to possible heat exhaustion. He was treated and released from WCMC that evening.