Firewise Facts: Establishing water supply

By Brenda Keen

firewise logoThis week will address ways to establish your emergency water supply for your home. Even if your home is Firewise, you still need to have and emergency supply of water.

Within the community, it is important to know if you would have access to a water supply other than that firefighters truck supply. If there is no other source besides your fire truck on call, firefighters might have very little chance of protecting a threatened house or extinguished a burning house.

Over sources of water might be swimming pools, tanks, streams and ponds, which could be accessible to fire equipment.

If your home is not close to others, you may not have access to an adequate community water source. You could develop an individual well. It is recommended to have a minimum of 2,500 gallons for use in emergency situations.

In order to develop a community source of water, cooperate with your neighbors in an effort that your home as well as theirs might have more protections in the event of an emergency.

If you do not have a well, it is recommended to also have gas-powered generator in the event you have power failure during a fire.

Next week, I will cover steps if your building a ne home or if you want to remodel your home and add fire safe features.

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