FIREWISE teams with Winston County Self Help Cooperative

By: Brenda Keen


Under the direction ofMr. Frank Taylor, the Winston County Self Help Cooperative Group conducted their 7th annual “Saving Rural America and Youth Conference”.

The program took place at the Louisville Coliseum with a theme of “Strengthening Rural Communities through Partnerships”.

There were many programs that were presented with rotating break out sessions. The programs included My Friend the Forester; presented by Mike Skipper, Winston County Extension Director, Rethink Your Drink; presented by Sandra Jackson, Winston County 4-H Program Associate, Joella McCafferty; Storytelling, MSU-ES Field Technical Assistant, Damella Winston and Maya Crooks; Plant Science, MAC Association, Jen Sellers; Identifying Fruits and Vegetables; FoodCorp, Cliff Hampton; Learn With Sam, Special Affairs Advisory, Brenda Keen; FIREWISE, Firewise Coordinator, Chassidy Goodwin and Edward Jones; Physical Activities, Financial Advisory, Information of Youth Diabetes and Obesity; Hazel Garrett, Winston County Diabetes Coalition, Eileen Carr-Tabb; Health Educator, MSU Department of Health, and Linda Stephen; Music Art, Good News Club; Child Evangelism Fellowship.

The participants of these programs were from Head Start and Louisville Elementary School 2nd grade classes. There were approximately 250 children that participated in the program.

The children went through break out sessions to all the above listed programs.

FIREWISE provided vital information to the children about how to keep their home safe

in the event of a wild fire and also how to keep their home safe from dangers within the home. Each child was given a coloring sheet of Smokey the Bear at the end of the sessions as well as other items. They were directed to color the sheet and told that there would be a competition with a winner at Head Start and a winner at Louisville Elementary School which will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Winston County Journal. The children listened and participated by eagerly answering questions.

See more photos in the Feb. 19 edition of the Journal.

MSU Extension office staff, vbolunteers with the Winston County Self Help volunteers and staff.

MSU Extension office staff, volunteers with the Winston County Self Help volunteers and staff.