Former Winston County Journal editor Hight dies

From staff report A proud Winston County woman who witnessed over 100 years of history died recently. Juanita McCown Hight died April 16, 2014. She was born in Winston County near Plattsburg, and was a 1934 graduate of Mississippi University for Women with a bachelor of science in Home Economics. Hight began her career path as a teacher but her marriage to William H. Hight in 1940 changed her home life and career. The Hight family owned the Winston County Journal and when her husband took over the newspaper in 1943, she quickly became a hardworking presswoman helping with all the duties of a newspaper. She later was editor and chief. She was also active in the Mississippi Press Association from 1943 to 1958 when the Hight family sold the newspaper to Joe Cook. Hight also was very involved with the First Baptist Church and establishing its education building and church media ministry. She and William Hight were married 42 years when he passed away in 1982. A short biography on Hight was written by Katie Watson prior to her 99th birthday.

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