Former Winston County teen excels in Birmingham

From press reports

In a world filled with bad news and troubles, it is often difficult
to find a ray of sunshine or glimmer of happiness. One Louisville
native is working hard to be a positive influence and spread hope
that the Millienum Generation will be strong enough to carry us
forward. Abby Hathorn started,
referred to as the VIP Blog, to show the world that not all of
today’s teens fit the You Only Live Once (YOLO) mentality.

Shortly after starting the blog, Abby was asked to write an article
for The Real Story newspaper out of Columbus. What she thought was
only going to be an article or two, has since become a weekly column
called “The Adventures of the VIP”. Both the blog and the newspaper
feature fashion tips, fun and quirky thoughts, VIP interviews,
coverage of community events, and anything else that strikes her fancy.

Abby’s creative writing style and artistic fashion photos caught the
eye of Claire Massey, editor of Town and Gown Magazine, and Claire
invited Abby to do a photo spread and article for the November 2012
issue. It was a perfect match for Town and Gown Magazine’s fashion
and lifestyle section, and Miss VIP was given the opportunity to be a
stylist and contributor, which includes working directly with Claire
to select clothes and models, to coordinate photo shoots, and to
write articles and descriptions. Abby’s favorite styling spread was
in the January 2013 bridal issue where the photos were a bit
different than the stereotypical wedding dress shots.

In December 2012, the Hathorns moved from their beloved home in the
Ellison Ridge community to Trussville, located on the outskirts of
Birmingham. The relocation has brought Abby opportunities to expand
her writing and to cover some spectacular events and to interview
fascinating people. Birmingham Fashion Week, which features high
fashion, traditional style, vintage inspirations, and famous
designers, is a favorite function for the VIP. Abby’s coverage of
this week of runway shows and various functions led to wonderful
opportunities with Gus Mayer, an upscale women’s boutique, and KC
Projects, a Birmingham public relations firm. Growing relationships
with both organizations has offered Abby the opportunity to interview
several top designers as well as up-and-coming music artists. She
recently discussed her blog and sported Gus Mayer on a segment of
“Talk of Alabama” ABC 33/40 morning show.

Everywhere she turns, she catches attention. In her article “Blog
Like a Girl, BFW 2013 Edition” See Jane Write states, “Look out, Tavi
Gevinson! Birmingham may have its own teen prodigy in the world of
fashion blogging.” Miss VIP has been the guest of Mojo and Rex on
Real Radio where she “not surprisingly-at the tender age of 17-wowed
our [Real Radio] listeners with her talent, maturity, and
loquaciousness,” says Real Story Publishing. Abby was thrilled when
she made the photo collage of the “Birmingham Fashion Week” spread in
the April 2013 bMetro magazine.

Feeling truly blessed and humbled by all the supportive people,
businesses, press, and fans, Abby decided to continue her mission to
represent the positive and not the ridiculousness by creating a
YouTube channel, Vintage Passionista. The goal is to give dazzling
and personal coverage from community events to musical talent and
everything in between. She wants the video reports to be personal,
educational, informative, and delightful-with a bit of Southern drawl
and charm.
Abby is the daughter of Chasidy and Stan Hathorn, the granddaughter
of Barbara and Riley Fulcher and Virginia and the late Stanley
Hathorn. Abby is loving the opportunities that the Birmingham area
has to offer, but remains a small town girl from Louisville.

Want to check out what this youth is doing? See her coverage of
Birmingham Fashion Week in the April issue of Town and Gown
Magazine. Find out all of the ways to follow her adventures by
subscribing to her blog at