Fortnightly Club elects officers

Submitted by Terry Cournoyer

The Louisville Fortnightly Club met Thursday, May 10 2012 at the home of Mrs. Andrew Eaves. Hostesses were Mrs. Andrew Eaves, Mrs. Robert Allen, and Mrs. William H. Hight. Guests for the meeting were Mrs. Jimmy Burrage, Mrs. Jerry Webb, and Mrs. Marion Ball. Mrs. Stanley Hathorn, Vice President, welcomed members and guests and Mrs. Eaves led the devotional—“There are only two days every week about which we should not worry”, yesterday, as it is past and beyond control, and tomorrow, for it is yet unborn. “It is not the experiences of today that drives men mad—it is the remorse and bitterness for something which happened yesterday and the dread of what tomorrow may bring. Let us, therefore, live but one day at a time.” Mrs. Marion Ball was the highlight of the meeting with her usual creative twist on officer installation. Armed with a basket of candy, Mrs. Ball told the group the installation would be “short and sweet”. The new officers were asked to come to the front as they were presented with candy representative of their respective offices. Mrs. Stanley Hathorn as Treasurer, was given a “Millionaire” and a “$100,000” bar to encourage a “Payday” for the Club and given a “Zero” bar to discourage a negative balance. Recording Secretary, Lynn Cunningham, was given “Symphony” bar to remind her to be firm and a “Tootsie Roll”, symbolizing Roll Call. Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Tommy Lee Kirkpatrick, was given “Slow Poke” and “Bar None” bars signifying the need to keep up current correspondence for the Club. Parliamentarian and Historian, Mrs. Robert Allen and Mrs. J.E. Calloway, were each given “Hershey” bars for “pure” record keeping and keeping order. Vice President, Mrs. Michael Cournoyer, was presented with a package of “Starburst” symbolizing the varying members and President, Mrs. Andrew Eaves, was given a “Charm Pop”, as a symbol of the charm a club president must not only posses, but convey to the group. Mrs. R.E. Clark, Jr. gave the treasury balance and noted that a check was given to the English Award winner of both Louisville High School and Winston Academy. Mrs. Eaves then led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Club Collect. New members were voted on and approved, Mrs. Jerry Webb and Mrs. Jimmy Burrage. A sign up sheet for hostesses was passed around for the upcoming year and Mrs. Hathorn adjourned the meeting for refreshments.