Fortnightly Club holds monthly meeting in March by Lynn Cunningham

Submitted by Lynne Cunningham

The Fortnightly met on Thursday, March 14th at the Market Café.
Hostesses were Mrs. Charles Smyth and Mrs. Steve Brown. A Spring
theme was evident in the table decorations of colorful Easter eggs
and flowers. Cupcakes with smiling bunny faces and sprinkles in
rainbow colors were part of the decoration but also a tasty treat to
eat as well. A delicious and varied salad plate was also served.

Mrs. Andrew Eaves, President, extended a cordial welcome to all.
Mrs. Belle Forester read from Psalms 121 as the devotional and led
the group in the Lord’s Prayer.

Special guests Mrs. Beth Edwards, Librarian, Winston County Library,
and able assistant Master Curry Black were introduced by President
Eaves. They presented an interesting and enlightening program on
lesser-known facts about our great State of Mississippi. One of the
facts that put Mississippi at the top of the Good List for a change
is that the oldest fossil found in the U.S. was uncovered in the
Pearl riverbed during excavation for the Ross Barnett Reservoir. The
fossil is a 40 million year old whale bone. A more widely known fact
among Mississippi natives is that the oldest campground still active
in the U. S. is the Neshoba County Fairground.

The oldest Tiffany designed stained glass windows are located in
Aberdeen, MS.

The list goes on and on and Beth stumped the group with the question,
”What direction does The Golden Eagle crowning the New Capitol
face?” The answer is South; because we don’t want to face those
Yankees, if we don’t have to.

Master Curry Black handed out slips on which were printed other
lesser known facts and answers to members and guests and also
bookmarks as gifts from the Winston County Library.

After the program President Eaves led the members in the Club Collect
and pledge to the flag. The treasurers report was given by the
Treasurer Mrs. Stanley Hathorn and the roll call and minutes were
read by recording Secretary Lynne Cunningham.

The hostesses for the April meeting Mrs. Juanita Hight and Mrs.
Stanley Hathorn invited and urged members to attend the next meeting.