Fortnightly Club meets in April

Submitted by Lynne Cunningham

The monthly meeting for the Fortnightly Club was held on April 11th
at the Market Café. Hostesses Mrs. Steve Brown and Mrs. Charles
Smyth decorated the tables with burgeoning spring flowers and served
refreshments of broiled tomato stuffed with creamed spinach topped
with crisp fried green onions, and pimento cheese, blu cheese spread
on cibatta bread and cake-pudding with warm carmel sauce for a sweet

Mrs. Andrew Eaves, President, welcomed new members and guests and
Mrs. Stanley Hathorn gave the devotional message, which was based on
the Scriptural text, “ This is the day which the Lord hath made. Be
glad in it.”

Mr. Tom Bush, speaking on behalf of Sheriff Jason Pugh was introduced
by Mrs. Stanley Hathorn, and told the group he was representing
Sheriff Pugh and making known the progress reached in organizing a
Crime Stoppers Chapter for our City.

The efforts have been ongoing since May 2012 and Mr. Bush was very
glad to let the public know completion is at hand. This nationwide,
even inter-national organization, Crime Stoppers, is a call in
tipster venue which gives the average citizen /John/Jane Q. Public
the means to report crime or suspicious movements of possible
criminal acts directly to law enforcement officers. The City of
Louisville and Winston County are on board with this program.
Noxapater has declined to join in at this juncture but wants to keep
their option open for future join up.

Sheriff Pugh joined Mr. Bush a little later to tell the group he
appreciated Mr. Bush being able to fill in for him. The Sheriff had
been on Emergency Call to Kemper County that day due to severe
weather in the area. One fatality was reported later near Shuqualak,
where a man was killed in the storm. Sheriff Pugh announced the
event of a gun-usage program on April 27. The Meeting/Program is
sponsored by Law Enforcement and open to the public.

President Eaves conducted the business part of the meeting leading
the group in the Club Collect and Pledge of Allegiance. The roll was
called and minutes read by Secretary Lynne Cunningham. Mrs. Stanley
Hathorn, Treasurer, gave the treasurer’s report. Mrs. Charles
Thomas invited the members to meet in her home for the last meeting
of the season in May.