Fortnightly club meets in December

Submitted by Lynne Cunningham


The Louisville Fortnightly Club met at The Market Café on December 12, 2013. Hostesses were Mrs. Robert McLeod and Mrs. Dewitt Crawford. Refreshments of chicken salad wraps and cheese soup were served at tables decorated with red bead chains and greenery.

Special guest Tracy McCully presented a musical program of Christmas songs and carols and invited the group to sing along with the best known ones. Her solo program and the group singing was enjoyed by all.

Mrs. Dewitt Crawford gave a devotional considering the true meaning of Christmas.

A short business meeting was held, Mrs. Andrew Eaves presiding, She led the group in pledging allegiance to the American Flag and reciting the club pledge.

Secretary Lynne Cunningham read the minutes and called the roll. The roll call was answered by members in recalling their favorite Christmas. Toy stoves that caught fire and parakeets that suffered an early death were some of the gifts mentioned (that Santa brought) but didn’t last long. Treasurer, Mrs. Stanley Hathorn, gave the Treasurer’s report.

Mrs. Charles Thomas issued an invitation to all for the next meeting in January 2014.