Fortnightly Club of Louisville hosts meeting

Submitted by Lynne Cunningham

The Louisville Fortnightly Club met at Lake Tiak O’Khata on February 13. Hostesses were Mrs. J. E. Calloway, Mrs. Terry Reynolds and Mrs. T. L. Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Kirkpatrick read a devotional which reflected our thoughts about Valentine’s Day and therein our association of candy and chocolate with that day. She compared God’s love to the essence or heart of a bon bon chocolate, which is the best part of all.

Mrs. Nancy Ellis, special guest and speaker, was introduced by Mrs. Calloway. Mrs. Ellis spoke about the joys of reading, the awe and admiration we have for wordsmiths and famous and not-so-famous writers of poetry and fiction. She was well qualified to speak on this subject being a veteran of the teaching profession and lately a faculty member at Mississippi State University.

A short business meeting was held, President Mrs. Andrew Eaves presiding.