Friends of Legion State Park hold nature trail



Members of “THE FRIENDS OF THE PARK”, Legion State Park gathered on Tuesday, June 4, at 8:30 am to take a nature walk. Dr. Lelia Kelly, Horticulture Specialist, MSU, conducted the walk. Dr. Kelly is well-known for her wealth of knowledge on plants and trees.

Last year, in preparation for the walk, Mr. Kline Shepherd, member, was responsibly for acquiring identity stakes for trees and plants. These were placed by the plants and trees as the walk took place. This year, the stakes were still very visible with Dr. Kelly adding new specimens along the walk. Many of the plants were recognized by the group since they are native to this area. Some of these plants are the Oak Leaf Hydranga, Sumac, from which a medicinal tea can be made from the bloom. However, the white sumac is poisonous. The lier, which is a flat-leafed plant grown near the ground, resembles a violin. Thus, its name. There was also the Jack-in-the-pulpit, which is an unusual plant that produces a bloom like a picture. There was also the yellow cone flower, Sage bush, wild vinca, and the three-point leaf of Virginia Creeper. There are many varieties of oak trees, such as Elm, Tulip Popular, etc.

The trail begins at the east side of the lake and winds through the woods. Some of the trail is rather hilly, even though gravel has been placed on it. The rain tends to wash much of the gravel away over a period of time.

The first part of the treck is about one-half mile long and it ends at Cabin #5. The Trail continues on beyond this point with a great set of stairs with landings. This was built several years ago by the Ameri-Corps. Mr. Kline Shepherd has taken a deep interest in the park, and being a Forestry Major, he was been a huge help with this project. Shepherd has established a Butterfly Garden along the Trail and continues to add to it.

The “FRIENDS” invite everyone who is interested to become a member and enjoy this beautiful place.

It is a kind gateway to Louisville in that it has so much to offer.

We have done several projects this year.

We have about 30 active members as we welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a member. The dues for “FRIENDS” is $10.00, and the dues for the Entrance Fee is $42.00 per year, $32.00 per year for all who are 65 years and older. This can be used in any State Park in the state of Mississippi.

Mr. Mike Castle and his son, Stephen, were our guests, and Mr. Castle plans to join us as a member. He is married to the former Peggy Fulton, daughter of Mrs. Bonnie Fulton and the late Sam Fulton. They have moved into the Nanih Waiya community, and have come from the state of Colorado. He is a plant enthusiast.

Lets use the Park. It has a beautiful place.


Submitted by Frances Ball