G.O. Bonds to pave the way to the future

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

Residents weary of worn-down wheel paths, crocodile cracks in the roadways and potholes on their routes to work and home may ride smoother soon since the city recently approved and received $2 million general obligation bonds to repair streets in the city.

In the past the city had focused on streets need patching and other fixes with the limited street repair budget by gaining the $2 million general obligation bonds the city leaders hope to pave almost 20 miles of streets. Presently the city plans to repair all the housing authority streets in order to meet federal requirements and spread the rest of the repairs over the entire city based upon need.

The city is evaluating the needs for each street with many of the streets not addressed in over 40 years.

“We have had very positive response to the idea,” said Mayor Hill. “It is very evident taxpayers see the importance of this capital investment.”

The bond will be paid back over 12 years using the street maintenance budget dollars of about $198,000 per year.

Mayor Hill sees this as in investment in the community as a whole.

“This is a testament to Louisville that we are alive and well and moving forward,” said Mayor Hill. “New streets will look better, be safer and helps the properties hold their value if not increase it.”

The plans for new streets may also help with economic development marketing in the areas.

“If we take care of our streets, others (businesses and industries) may perceive that we will take care of them,” said Mayor Hill.

“A smooth ride on our city streets along with the beauty created downtown by our merchants, promotion committee and others, all signal to visitors and potential businesses that we are a good community to live and work in,” added Linda Skelton of the Winston County Chamber of Commerce.