GIS mapping, budget reviewed by aldermen

By Joseph McCain

The Winston County Journal


The Louisville Board of Aldermen received an update on the GIS mapping conducted by the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District.

The mapping project has been planned to upgrade 911 services in the community.

Toby Sanford and Phylis Benson of GTPPD reviewed the progress of the mapping and grant funds for the program.

Sanford explained that at present GTPPD has mapped 12,486 structures in the county including 8,367 residences. Sanford compliment Winston County on post their addresses since 7489 addresses are posted in the county.

“People in Winston County post their address more than most countians,” said Sanford.

With most of the mapping complete the group has about three months of correcting and fine tuning all the mapping areas, once those items are in place the GTPPD hopes to began correcting and applying new address to the city and county.

Sanford explained that the new addressing system for the county would meet the national standards and eliminate the confusion of having addresses like 101 West Main and 101 East Main.

Sanford noted once all the corrections are in place and they meet with city and county officials again that they could have the cards notifying persons of their new addresses in about 6 months to a year.

Sanford also explained that the new GIS system once that the amount and value of the information available to emergency workers, county offices and city offices would be helpful in many areas. He pointed out that the circuit clerk would be able to look on the map and see all county, state, national elected office voting districts.

Sanford noted the key factor to the new addressing is that the number is a distance therefore will help everyone find an address.

Reviewed Rental property ordinance

The board reviewed a simplified Rental property ordinance.

The board discussed the codes rental property needed to meet and how to address tenant complaints along with trash left when tenants leave. The matter was tabled further review.

In other business:

• Discussed possible library millage increase to create a self-sustaining fund for the library. One mill has been set aside for the library last year. A mil brings in about $40,000 according toe City Clerk Babs Fulton.

• Discussed contact utility companies about street excavations and repairs.

• Reviewed and discussed budgeting for 2013-2014.

• Approved updated cell phone policy to identify positions that use a cell phone.

• Approved fire and police training conference attendance.

The next regular meeting is Sept. 3 at 5:30.