Head Start celebration of 50 years a success

The celebration of Head Start’s 50 years of service here in Winston County was held Friday, October 24. The celebration parade, which began at the Louisville Coliseum and came through downtown Louisville, was a huge success featuring the LHS Band with former head start students.

“We are proud to serve this community and build a stronger tomorrow through education,” said Irene Smith, who was the master of ceremonies for the Head Start Parade.

The parade featured, along with the LHS band, former head start students and employees along with each of the classrooms at the center presently.

Regional Administrator, Mattie Cooper helped kick off the parade behind Louisville Police Chief LM. Claiborne and the Louisville High School Band.

The mission of the Winston County Head Start program is to provide comprehensive early childhood, human services and economic development activities to enhance the quality of life of low-income children and families throughout the communities of Winston County.

Head Start is a federally-funded program and students must meet specific income criteria to attend.

October is also National Head Start Awareness Month. During October, the Head Start center finds many different ways to focus attention on what they do and involve the community.