HeadStart raises funds for St. Jude

By Joseph McCain Winston County Journal

Winston County Head Start had dozens of children taking laps on tricycles and scooters for a good cause Thursday, at its annual Trike- A-Thon to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. “We are teaching the children the importance of giving as well as bike safety,” said Irene Smith of the Head Start. The headstart classes along with the staff raised over $2,750. The center recognized the students and staff who raised the most funds. Students raising the most funds were Ke’Ijay Hickman with first place raised $123, Vontavious Triplett with second place raised $105; and Ziaala Carter with third place raised $100. Head Start Regional Administrator Mattie Cooper earned staff first place raising $409; Princess Latham was second place with $367 and Johnnie Seward raised $105 for third place. In the years Smith noted the staff and students were very proud to help St. Jude and were thankful for the support in the community to help raise the funds. She added that the center has raised over $20,000 in the years the annual program has been underway. For about an hour, the children raced around a track made in Louisville Coliseum gaining smiles and having fun as parents, Head Start staff, Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club and Louisville Police Department officers watched and ensured safety. “The children have been really excited about raising the money,” Smith said. “They know they’re doing it for a good cause and get to have fun riding their bikes.” The center also recognized the children who best decorated their bikes for the event. Camiron Triplett won first place, Kejay Hickman won second place and Juantrey Coleman won third place. In addition to helping people, the children received bicycle safety training. Louisville Police Chief L.M. Claiborne reviewed bike safety with all the children Remember to always wear your helmet was the first rule, never ride in the streets was the second, always watch out for driveways was the third and be safe was the fourth. Several parents and grandparents came to help the children out and cheer them on.