Hotel/Motel tax vote to be on municipal ballot

From staff and press reports

Residents in the City of Louisville will have an opportunity to vote
on the implementation of a Hotel/Motel tax levy in June.

The Louisville Board of Aldermen in its April 2 meeting approved a
resolution to place a 2 percent accommodation tax on all hotel or
motel room rentals in the city. A vote on the tax will be held in
conjunction with the city elections on June 4, 2013.

At least 60 percent of all those voting in city elections must
approve the new tax levy before it is implemented.

The city of Louisville leaders needed the state legislature to
approve the measure which it did in House bill 1595. The state bill
did lower the requested rate from 3 percent to 2 percent prior to
sending it back to the city for approval and preparation for a city

If passed the tax levy would go into effect Aug. 1 and would be
used to promote tourism and parks and recreation within the City. The
city tourism board that was setup several years prior would help
oversee how the funds from the tax levy are spent.

Money generated by the tax would not go into the city’s general fund
for operating government but would be used “for the purpose of
providing funds to promote the attributes of the city, and to promote
the city’s tourism and economic development,” according to the

Also, if passed Louisville will join about 65 other communites who
have a special tax on Hotels and motels.