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Ken Laurence, a Birmingham native and extremely talented fashion designer, is a contestant on Season Twelve of Project Runway. Ken is a dedicated and passionate fabric artisan with a taste for creating structural garments for the modern woman. Showcasing his skills fabulously, Ken Laurence wowed viewers everywhere with his dress made from parachute material on the opening challenge of Project Runway Season Twelve. There is no doubt that Ken Laurence is destined for great things as he lives by 1 Corinthians 2:9.

At age ten, Ken’s love for apparel design blossomed because of a family member’s leisure hobby in fashion illustration. At age fourteen, Ken enrolled in a home economics class where he learned how to operate his first sewing machine. After mastering fashion illustration and sewing basics, Ken began educating himself in pattern making, textiles, and other aspects of fashion design. As his self-taught designing skills evolved, Ken Laurence launched his own clothing line House of DeVinci in 2008. Under his House of DeVinci brand, Ken designed custom garments for clients, showcased his designs in several fashion shows, and made his appearance known at multiple fashion events within the Southern states. Although his House of DeVinci brand was a success, Ken decided to rebrand his line and build a foundation for his business. Now, all of his designs are represented under his new label Ken Laurence.

On the kick off day of Project Runway Season Twelve, Abby Hathorn had the opportunity to chat with Birmingham contestant Ken Laurence at his Premiere Viewing Party about his experience filming Project Runway.

What was is like being on Project Runway?

“It was absolutely amazing! It’s fantastic to actually live your life dreams and to share it with the world. It [Project Runway] was a great experience,” says Project Runway Season Twelve contestant Ken Laurence.

How would you describe your personal style?

“I would say my personal style is very sophisticated prep—it’s a combination between the two. I like a lot of color…I like layering…I like three pieces…I like to play with pattern as well,” explains Laurence.

When you are not designing, what do you enjoy doing?

“Another talent that I have that a lot of people do not know is that I am a dancer. I do West and South African dance and modern dance as well,” says fashion designer Ken Laurence.

What is up next for Ken Laurence?

“Project Runway is only the beginning, and I am absolutely grateful that I could share this worldwide. Hopefully, I will go on to show at fashion weeks each season. I am really going to push my line,” states Ken Laurence.

Ken Laurence is an absolute inspiration to anyone looking to follow their dreams—no matter how big or small. “My biggest thing is to follow your dreams—no matter what people say…or the circumstances or the situations that may occur in the process. Follow your dreams, push extremely hard, and keep perseverance first.” exclaims Ken Laurence in his interview with Abby Hathorn.

From self-taught experiences to Project Runway Season Twelve, Ken Laurence is a true Southern talent with fabulous potential of becoming the next big thing! Follow Ken Laurence’s journey on Project Runway by tuning in every Thursday at 8pm CST on Lifetime.

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