iPads part of LMSD

By Joseph McCain The Winston County Journal

School districts across the country are putting iPads into students’ hands and according to Apple the maker of the iPad its is the perfect learning companion. Several students in the Louisville Municipal School District agree. “Students love them,” said Mary Ann Ballew, LMSD mathematic teacher. Ballew noted that the district purchased several iPads and have let teachers check them out from the Louisville High School Library to use in the classroom. The Advance Placement classes held on the Louisville High School Campus have put the devices to use and found success in the classroom. AP English teacher Paula Stokes noted she has found new, creative approaches to teaching the content with the iPad. “It has been helpful with scoring papers and using interactive content with the students,” said Stokes. Several of the AP English Class students noted their enjoyment of the devices. “It is a lot more convenient for learning,” said Laken Fulcher. “It is not as boring,” added Hunter Collins. The school district purchased the ipads with Title I federal monies and is presently planning to purchase more in the future as the students appear more eager to learn when using an ipad in the classroom according to a few teachers. “I forsee iPads replacing textbooks in the near future,” said Ballew. Ballew noted the ipads could replace textbooks for all clases as well as workbooks since the ipads offered loads of applications that are useful to all subjects and curriculum. She noted that the ipad added to the interaction of the student to the classroom subject. “We must prepare students for the world,” said Ballew. “It is a different group of students compared to 35 years ago and a different world.” A world students may explore with millions of different ipad applications.