It’s Elementary

Brandy Blanton, Elementary Schools nurse, provides weekly news and tips for helping children at home.

Congratulations to Mr. Mark Goldbeck, Fair Elementary’s Music teacher, on his recent publication of an article in the Music K-8 magazine, Volume 24, Number 2 – November/December 2013 issue. Music K-8 is a resource magazine for elementary and middle school music teachers.

This magazine allows music teachers to publish and share ideas, new music, information, and other valuable resources that are helpful, educational, and fun for students. Mr. Goldbeck has been teaching music for 14 years and teaches Pre-K through 2nd grade here at Fair Elementary. His article told the readers how he has had this idea for years but was inspired by “Over The River” (MUSIC K-8, Vol. 23, No.2). He kept a list of all the places that students, teachers, and his family traveled over the Thanksgiving holiday. He made a map of all the locations that were visited to more clearly show the students each stop. Mr. Goldbeck stated in his article that this was a great way to tie a wonderful version of a classic song to a cross curriculum lesson.

Melody Makers, led by Mr. Mark Goldbeck, will be hosting a Christmas program on December 18th in the Louisville Elementary School’s Auditorium. Melody Makers will perform at 8:45am and again at 9:15am.

Fair Elementary students will be going to the movies for a field trip this month. First and Second graders will be going on December 16th, DD and Pre-K classes will be going on December 17th, and Kindergarten will be going on December 20th. The cost for the movie is $6.00 per student. If you pay in the office, PLEASE make sure that you have the correct dollar amount; we do not have change in the office!

Class Christmas parties will also be starting soon. Your child’s teacher will be sending a note home to inform you on the cost of the party and what supplies that you may need to bring. If you bring your child’s Christmas Party money to the office, PLEASE make sure that you bring the correct dollar amount! The office does not keep change!

December 20th is a 60% day; Fair Elementary will start the car pick-up line at 11:45am on that day. Students will return to school from Christmas break on January 6th, 2014.