It’s Elementary

Brandy Blanton, Elementary School Nurse provides weekly news and tips for helping children at home.

The year has gotten off to a great start! The students were welcomed on Monday, August 5, by teachers and staff who were excited to see some familiar faces as well as many new students. Getting ready for this day took a lot of planning and preparation by all of the teachers and staff. There were a great number of participants that helped with Open House, which was held on Thursday, August 1st. Parents received information from teachers about school policies and expectations for the students. This was also an opportunity for teachers and school staff to get to know the students and their parents.

Parents please fill out and turn in all papers that teachers have sent home. Make sure the school staff are aware of any needs your child may have. Also, please make sure that you list any and all allergies and illnesses that your child may have. Be sure to make the school aware of plenty reliable emergency contacts, in case the school has difficulty getting in touch with you. Instances do occur from time to time when the staff needs to get in contact with a relative of a student.

To insure your child’s safety in the car-pick-up line here at Fair Elementary, please adhere to the following rules:

The loading zone / DROP OFF zone is located on Court Street west of kindergarten building across from Sherwin Williams. DO NOT DROP your child off anywhere else on campus. If it is after 7:50 am when your child arrives at school, please bring them into the office for a tardy slip.

Please place the paper plate that your child will be bringing to you with their name on it in the front right side of your windshield. This will enable us to keep the line moving rapidly.

Your child will be escorted from the building to the pick-up zone.

You may pick your child up between 2:40-3:00 in the pick-up zone. Please DO NOT come to the office to get a student unless it is an emergency or a doctor’s appointment. We will NOT call your child out of class early unless in an emergency situation.

We will walk your child to the car and open the door for them. You will NOT need to exit your vehicle.

Please do not park in the Farm Bureau and / or Sherwin Williams parking lots. These areas are for customers parking only and are subject to be towed away by business owners. Also, it is not safe for you to walk across the street to get your child out of the pick up line. Your car MUST be in the pick up line.

***Please send a note to school if there is to be any changes in your child’s transportation plans. If your child isn’t a regular pick-up, please send a note with your child in the mornings to inform the teacher. For your child’s safety, we WILL NOT allow any changes to be made over the phone.

***Please DO NOT drop off your child before 7:10 am.

**Fair Elementary Check-Out**

Due to serious parking problems, scheduling and bus issues, elementary students will NOT be allowed to check out of school after 2:00pm without proof of a doctor’s appointment.

We are still collecting box tops this year for our school. Box Tops for Education program has helped America’s schools raise over $445 million since 1996. All year long we collect Box Tops, found on thousands of products from cereal to office supplies.

Each Box Top is worth 10 cents. When students, families, schools and communities work together to collect Box Tops and send them in, the money adds up fast. Our goal this year is 7,000 Box Tops. Please help us in reaching our goal. You can drop them off at Fair elementary. Thank you in advance for your support!