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Brandy Blanton, Elementary Schools nurse, provides weekly news and tips for helping children at home.

Thank you to Mrs. Natalie Stewart for her donation of clothes to Fair Elementary’s clothing closet. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use.

Students at Fair Elementary were not even born on September 11, 2001; but, they were all active participants in the Patriot Day Program that was held around the flagpole on September 11, 2013. The Patriot Day Program was directed by our music teacher, Mark Goldbeck. Students, staff, and parents were on hand for this meaningful ceremony. Some of Fair Elementary’s students helped Mr. Wilkes, Fair Elementary’s Assistant Principal, raise the flag. Students and staff pledged allegiance to the flag with hands over hearts. Students learned that on this day we should pay tribute to our national heroes and remember those who were taken from us 12 years ago. Mrs. Sheridan’s kindergarten class sang a patriotic song, The Flag. Mrs. Warren’s kindergarten class sang This Land Is Your Land. Mr. Goldbeck led the crowd in several other patriotic songs.

We are off to a great start with Box Tops! The money that we earn from these Box Tops is used to buy things that our school needs. We will be collecting Box Tops all year long. Here are some tips that will make the submission process easier –

Bundle your Box Tops in bunches of 50

Use a collection sheet – students may get one from their teacher or parents can go to to download one

Let me know the total number of Box Tops your child is submitting

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

Patriot Day

Patriot Day