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Brandy Blanton, Elementary Schools nurse, provides weekly news and tips for helping children at home.

Uniform Dress Code :

Louisville Municipal School District students must wear clothing that is comfortable, clean, in good repair, and school appropriate. Clothing and other items that students wear to school must not disrupt the educational process nor create any form of school disturbance.

By action of the Louisville Municipal School Board, the following clothing and accessory requirements must be met beginning the school year 2013-2014.


Tops will consist of collared, golf style (2 or 3 button) shirts either short or long sleeved and Oxford style shirts either short or long sleeved.

Color of collared, golf style shirts will be white or gray (all schools), maroon, (Louisville and Nanih Waiya), and red (Noxapater). All must be solid colors.

No denim material is allowed.

No sleeveless tops are allowed.

No tops with holes, cuts, or tears will be permitted.

Tops must be of proper length to be neatly tucked into bottoms. All tops must be neatly tucked into bottoms at all times.

Proper under clothing must be worn under tops. (If an undershirt is to be worn, the undershirt must be white, black, gray or school colors).

Only solid colored white, black, gray (all schools), maroon, (Louisville and Nanih Waiya), and red (Noxapater) pullover or cardigan sweaters are allowed. Sweaters must be worn over a collared shirt.

Only solid colored white, black, gray (all schools), maroon, (Louisville and Nanih Waiya), and red (Noxapater) sweatshirts are allowed.


Bottoms will consist of trouser style, cotton twill/polyester blend long pants or shorts. Females may also wear cotton twill/polyester skirts, skorts, or Capri pants.

No denim material is allowed.

All bottoms must be hemmed.

Belts must be worn with skirts, skorts and capris if belt loops are present on the skirts, skorts, or capris.

All bottoms must fit to the waist with absolutely no sagging.

Shorts, skirts, and skorts must not be shorter than 3 inches above the bend of the knee, but the skorts and skirts can be longer than knee length.

Color of bottoms will be solid khaki or solid black.

No bottoms with holes, cuts, or tears will be allowed.

No baggy, saggy, low-rider, hip-hugger, flood, skin-tight, stretch, or over-length styles will be allowed.


Brown or black belts of appropriate length must be worn with pants and shorts, and the belt must be tucked through the belt loops.

Socks will be black, tan, gray, or white in color only.

Belt buckles should be plain and small. Buckles should not be over sized.

Females may also wear leotards or stockings. Leotards or stockings will be solid black, tan, gray, maroon or white in color only. No fish-net or colored design stockings.

No body pierced jewelry, except for earrings in the ear for females only, will be allowed.

No hats, hoods, bandannas, visors, sunglasses, hair curlers, or other headwear is allowed.

No spiked accessories or chains (including those attached to wallets or belt loops) are allowed.

Shoe Requirements

Shoes must be worn. Shoestrings and shoe straps must be attached and worn properly.

No house slippers, shower shoes, or skate shoes may be worn.

Heels may not be higher than one inch.

No platform shoes may be worn.

No lights are allowed on shoes.

Coat Requirements

Coats and jackets will be approved unless it has a negative graphic or advertisement.

School jackets from home school ONLY may be worn.