It’s Elementary by Brandy Blanton

Thank you to Mrs. Sandra Mayo for her generous donation of markers, crayons, pencils, paint brushes, paper, and box tops; your donation is greatly appreciated.

We are still collecting coke tops and packages. Under the flaps of the 12-packs and 24-packs, there is a printed code that can be entered to earn points for our school.

These codes can also be found in the caps of the Coke bottles. You can bring or send these tops and labels to the school at anytime. This includes any Coke product (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Dasani Water, Minute Maid, Mellow Yellow, Powerade, Fanta, Pibb-Xtra, Vault, Fresca). Mrs. Pearson enters the codes in the My Coke Rewards program to earn points for our school. The school is then able to obtain PE equipment from the points earned.

We are in need of hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and baby wipes in our classrooms. Cold and flu season is here, and our teachers and students would greatly appreciate any donations of these products for their classrooms. You can bring them or send them to school anytime. Thank you in advance for any and all donations.

This year, Fair Elementary has decided to include our parents in our “Biggest Loser” contest. This is a way that we can get our parents involved in trying to live healthier lives. This competition will kick off onFebruary 1, 2013. The fee for being in the competition is $20.00 per person and is due to Nurse Blanton at Fair Elementary on February 1, 2013. The competition is a 12 week program and is based on the percentage of weight that each person loses. You will need to come by Nurse Blanton’s office every Friday to weigh in! At the end of the twelve weeks, whoever has lost the most percentage of weight will be our winner of the “Biggest Loser” competition and will win 75% of the money that is collected on February 1. Second place will win 25% of the money that is collected. This is a great way to lose those unwanted pounds all while being a part of a competition against one another and maybe even winning some cash money…Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Come by Nurse Blanton’s office and register to be a part of the competition.

Dates to Remember : • February 5th – PTO meeting starts at 6:00pm in the Library.