It’s Elementary by Brandy Blanton

Thank you to Ray Garrett for the generous donation of clothes and
notebooks. Thank you to Natalie Stewart and Christian Friends for
their generous donations to our clothing closet. Any and all
donations are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use!

Congratulations to Mrs. Melanie Yates for being named as parent of
the year at Fair Elementary School! Her son, Reed Yates, is one of
Mrs. Chappell’s students. Mrs. Yates is an active member of the PTO;
she always goes above and beyond what is “required” of our parents.
Her positive attitude and willingness to help have not gone unnoticed
and are greatly appreciated! Thank you for all that you do; your
honor is well deserved!

Spring is a time of renewal; but unfortunately, it is also a time
when students become distracted, fall behind in their studies, and
pose behavior problems that were not seen during the winter months.
What can parents do to help keep their kids focused on school work,
when minds so easily drift off to…playing outside, blooming flowers,
baseball, buzzing bees, upcoming summer vacations…? Though it will
be difficult for the young and “young at heart”, try these tips to
help our kids survive “spring fever”:

•Keep your routines. It is not over yet. Kids will need extra
verbal encouragement to “hang in there”. Bedtimes should not become
later just because the clocks moved forward.

•Stay engaged. Continue to ask your children about their
assignments, their teachers, and what is going on at school.

•Limit the activities. Extra-curricular projects are great, but
adding too many before the end of the school year can overload
students. Make sure your child has enough time to devote to homework
and school projects.

•Embrace Spring. Though distracting, the new season can be
advantageous to learning. Instead of watching T.V. or playing video
games right after school, give them an hour or so to run and play
outside. Go on a nature walk with your child. Plant some flowers
together. Once some of their built-up energy is expended, let them
do their homework outside.

It will take everyone working together to make this a successful year
and to help our kids “finish strong”.

•March 29th – April 1st – Easter Holiday, No School!