It’s Elementary by Brandy Blanton

Fair Elementary’s cookie dough fundraiser kicked off on Wednesday, September 5th and will end on Friday, September 14th. Money for the fundraiser is due in the office on September 14th by 8:00 am. It is important that your child’s money is turned in on or before the 14th; this helps to ensure a faster delivery on our product and prizes. The money from this fundraiser will be used to help purchase promethean boards for the classroom and other miscellaneous items for the classrooms. This money is also used to help pay for the Perfect Attendance Party that is held at the end of the school year. Students will be eligible to win various prizes, based on the amount they sell. The top 5 sellers will receive cash prizes of $100 for first place, $75 for second place, $50 for third place, $25 for fourth place, and $25 for fifth place. Any student who sells 75 tubs of cookie dough will receive $100 in cash!

Students who sell 18 tubs of cookie dough will win the “Hummer Pizza Party,” which has become a favorite of Fair students. These students actually get to leave the school one day in a hot pink stretch Hummer. They are taken to Pizza Hut for lunch and then transported back to school in style. If you see a Fair student, ask them about how to support the school by buying some cookie dough. If you don’t know a Fair student, and are interested in supporting our students, call the school at 773-5946 and ask how you can purchase some delicious cookie dough.

Many of our students have been “caught doing good.” Each week, our teachers and staff are alert and watching for students with exceptional behavior, politeness, or good character. When a teacher “catches” a student doing good, the student’s name and action are written down and turned in to our guidance counselor, Betty Cotton. She recognizes this group of students each Friday and rewards them with “caught doing good” stickers and prizes. This positive reinforcement activity is very popular with the students. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment, and hopefully, a desire to be their best.

REMINDERS: • Parents, please remember that this year school begins at 7:50 am. If your child gets to school after 7:50 am, the parent must walk the child in the front door of the office before going to class. • We are still in need of donations for our children’s clothing closet. Any and all donations of school uniforms will be greatly appreciated. • School day pictures are September18th. Students may wear a shirt of their choice with uniform bottoms on this day only. • We are still collecting Box Tops; any child that brings in 10 box tops will receive a prize.