It’s Elementary by Jennifer Palmer

Brandy Blanton, Elementary School’s nurse, provides weekly news and tips for helping children at home.

Thank you to Casandra Stapleton for the generous donation of clothes to our clothing closet. We are still in need for new boy’s underwear and slightly used boy’s and girl’s shoes. Any school uniform items that your children have outgrown can be brought to the school and will be put to good use.

Mark Your Calendars: • School Pictures are Thursday, August 30th. Students may wear a shirt of their choice and uniform bottoms on this day only. • No school on Monday, September 3rd, for the Labor Day holiday.

Helpful Tips: Students need our support each and every day. It is important that parents set up a regular bedtime routine. Experts recommend about 10 hours of sleep for elementary age students. Be sure that your child eats a healthy breakfast that contains both carbohydrates for energy and protein for staying power. (For example, grilled cheese sandwiches, toast, eggs, etc…). These types of foods will allow your children to stay more alert and have fewer distractions, such as headaches and stomachaches during school.

Helping your child with their homework is an effective way to show concern for what they learn at school. Reading with your child is a good way to spend quality time together on a daily basis.

Communication with your child’s teacher on a regular basis is an essential part of caring for his/her education. Teachers can alert you to any emotional, social, or academic difficulties that they may perceive in your child at school. You may also need to notify your child’s teacher of any changes that might affect your child’s behavior at school. Some examples are illness, divorce, death of a family member, recent move, or parent getting a new job.

Good preparation skills take time for students and the parents to develop. Repetition is one important key to success; children learn best through repetition. The more you practice, the more prepared your child will be for school.